Jonathan Story, Windsor Leadership Trust. COO

Jonathan Story, Windsor Leadership Trust. COO

I am COO for Windsor Leadership, an organisation that runs senior leadership development programmes at Windsor Castle, and have worked with Guy on several occasions. His presentations add tremendous value to people’s thinking, many of whom base their subsequent thoughts on his delivery. He is very engaging and delivers with conviction and humour, challenging peoples’ way of thinking and potentially altering their behaviours.
— Jonathan Story, COO, Windsor Leadership Trust

Impacting on your theme

The Living Brave® keynotes dovetail perfectly into your conference or meeting theme. Whatever the topic, the mindset and methodology of how individuals and teams can operate with a Living Brave® approach, will catalyse and motivate.



Take aways for the Living Brave® keynote

  1. How Living Brave® enables success in any arena (sales, service, marketing, finance, HR, IT, distribution, administration)

  2. The impact of Living Brave® on personal team and business brand

  3. How Living Brave® takes away barriers to success

  4. The impact on talent, innovation and resilience

  5. Why High Performing individuals, teams and businesses demonstrate a Living Brave® mindset

  6. Understand the key components of Living Brave®

  7. Get clear on how to start Living Brave® right now

  8. Learn the Living Brave® method for individual and team accountability

  9. Be clear on how to win the heart and minds of colleagues and clients through a Living Brave® approach

  10. Learn how to take massive action so you and your team are Living Brave®

As a 45-60 minute keynote (Depending on your need), the Living Brave® keynote expands on the TEDx talk and brings to life how individuals, teams and cultures are able to define themselves as Living Brave®

Focus is placed on:

  • Current market and world context

  • How the Living Brave® methodology drives performance

  • Understanding and overcoming personal barriers

  • Committing to your own Living Brave®


  • Light-hearted

  • Humorous

  • Poignant

  • Challenging

  • Interactive


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