Living Brave® is a mindset & methodology for
leaders, teams and IndividualS


What is leadership? What are the right leadership styles and leadership qualities? Imagine a clear pathway for leadership training and transformational leadership to navigate the complexity of the commercial landscape by enabling teams and individuals to define their actions as Living Brave®


Living Brave® offers a call to arms, a shift to defining individual, team and cultural activity as a Living Brave® mindset, approach and a set of actions that deliver personal, shared and overarching strategies.

A people first approach

Living Brave® transforms individuals, teams and culture through a blend of team effectiveness, cultural shift initiatives, face to face coaching and innovation thinking. Our 'raison d'etre' is to enable commercial success through truly engaged, innovative, driven individuals and teams. We do this with a tight knit team of facilitators and coaches who are part of an award winning approach to performance improvement and cultural shift.

What this looks like

  • We kick start 'accountability and engagement' with 'culture and commercial imperatives'
  • We create culture shift programmes
  • We catalyse individual and team effectiveness through performance coaching
  • We reinforce, challenge and offer counsel
  • We offer inspiring keynotes that challenge and shift thinking

Ask the right question

The answer lies in the question.

What are you trying to achieve? How important is it? How brave are we? Do we want a sticking plaster or do we want to get to the root cause? What would Living Brave mean for us? What difference can it make? Will people buy into it? What is our history of seeing things through? How easily distracted are we by the everyday melee? 

If you are like every other business in the world, then some things are working well and some are not:

  • there are the issues that everyone knows
  • the ones everyone talks about openly
  • the things that people have given up talking about
  • the stuff that does not get spoken about at all
  • the conversations that reinforce the myths and damage change capability

Living Brave changes the conversation

The reality is that individuals, teams and businesses succeed or fail because of their relationship with fear, the more we fear, then the more interference there is at an emotional level.

People and teams fear for three reasons:

  1. They do not know how to do the thing asked
  2. They do not believe they can achieve the outcome
  3. They do not feel safe on the journey

Living Brave offers a mindset and a clear methodology to enable individuals and teams to navigate the three barriers to success. The Living Brave approach achieves tow things that are the foundations of success:

  1. Gives a mindset, that enables individuals and teams to stay the course
  2. Gives specific tools that show how to achieve their individual and shared goals

The outcome of Living Brave

  • When individuals are able to navigate the anxiety, doubts and fears of their own context, then they are free to contribute freely, to the best of their ability
  • When teams are able to see their collective uncertainties and timidity for what they really are, then they are free to engage without defense and gamesmanship
  • When an Executive Team commits to a Living Brave culture, then customers, stakeholders and employees are able to operate from a position of integrity and genuine humanity in the pursuit of commercial outcomes.


Change the conversation that the individual, the team and the
business is having and you will change the business
— Guy Bloom, Living Brave®
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