Executive Coaching

Kevin Robbins, Experian, SVP Global Application Development

Kevin Robbins, Experian, SVP Global Application Development

Guy has given me a good listening to on many occasions! He is impartial but challenging, helps sets high goals and aspirations whilst being pragmatic.Top coach, top man.

One to one coaching

Our coaching approach is one of independence for the coachee, ensuring that they are enabled, reinforced and challenged where relevant to step into a space of action as defined by their own version of Living Brave.

Focused performance coaching achieves a specific outcome that enables the mindset that impacts on:

  • Individual brand

  • Team culture

  • Innovative thinking

  • Demonstrable actions

A Living Brave® coach focuses on performance coaching, this means that our focus is on where an individual is 'stuck' and how in conversation they are able take accountability for their actions and move forwards.

We find that most senior people at some point encounter some form of 'stuckness'

  • Recognition they want to stay sharp

  • Need to bounce ideas off a third party

  • Lost motivation

  • Conflict with personal growth

  • Levelling out in their progression

  • Sense of exasperation to a particular issue

  • Dislike of a new player into their realm

  • Change in personal circumstances

Are your coaches qualified?
This is where it gets interesting, some are and some are not. We have found time and time again that the coaches that are particularly skilled come from both the qualified and unqualified route.

After two decades working in this field I have seen only one thing matter and that is the coachee trusts and works hard to bring about change. That comes from their engagement to the coach, the coaches experience, character, insights and elegance in role.

Coaches come in many guises, along many roots, if you are happy to work with us, then we ask you to trust that if we suggest a coach it sits on top of huge experience and competence, proven over many years.