Market domination and how not to give a straight answer

This is a truly fascinating video.

It demonstrates how a manufacturer has rather brilliantly dominated a market place. Especially get to 09:50 where the CEO literally shows you a masterclass in subterfuge and linguistic gymnastics, completely reframing the narrative to his own needs.

Both brilliant and indicative of why leaders of this ilk aren't trusted.

No doubt he's an excellent commercial animal, however at the same time he's not straight. He could say the truth, which appears to be "listen we are a commercial animal and we are good at what we do, we build high class eyewear and sell it at a premium at a price people are willing to pay". 

But he doesn't! He dodges and weaves.

For me it's a clever man with no counsel on public perception.

Own your truth, chances are you'll be respected for it.