Your business is not that important......'probably'

So there's a man (Jel Singh Nagra) that owns a convenience store and he called it Singhbury's, Sainsbury didn't like that and took legal action, the shop stopped calling itself Singbury's.


He changed the name of the shop to Morrisingh's, which is hysterical and clever. Morrison's reacted by saying,"we wish you well" and that's brilliant. Of course they recognise that there is no threat to them and to the contrary reinforces their brand as the brand to emulate. No one in the history of supermarkets has or will ever get confused, perhaps a child might.


Tolerance, humour, understanding and social awareness are all factors in corporates making decisions. Of course you have to protect your brand identity, however reaction is probably indicative of an overarching cultural ethic. 

I say, "probably" as I clearly don't know, but I'm "probably" right.

The world struggles with shift, the shift of ownership and contribution. The balance of 'mine' and 'yours'.

Businesses need to reflect on what Living Brave means to them in terms of mindset and actions.