And innovation stopped

Sainsbury's chairman Mike Coupe sent an email to his workforce to come forward with any suggestions that might help the business.

A certain Mr Heslhurst one of the companies van drivers came forwards with the idea of all the companies vans filling up at Sainsbury's and that it would be cheaper in the overall cost.

A £1.5 million saving later Mr Heslhurst was awarded a £10 gift voucher.

By accounts he only found out they picked up his idea from an email and only discovered the saving after contacting a senior manager.

At this point I'm guessing the innovation tap got turned off.

What's missing?

  1. Transparent reporting of what's happening with ideas
  2.  Internal storytelling of the idea to the execution
  3. Those involved 'celebrated' 
  4. Proper reward

On a personal note, give him a car or a wad of cash he just saved you £1.5 million.