Is anyone worth £2.9 million?

Well the answer in this context is no. A fireman runs into a block of flats that's on fire and makes about £30,000. Alistair Phillips-Davies, CEO of firm SSE, had a salary increase to £2.9million this year from £1.7m.

SSE CEO, Alistair Philips-Davies

SSE CEO, Alistair Philips-Davies

Of course he has been accused of 'breathtaking arrogance' over the increase.

This was made public at the same time as the Grenfell Tower disaster which is a handy time to deliver bad new.

Doesn't matter if this was by accident or on purpose, leaders have to feel the moment and understand that:

1. Leaders in times of austerity, salary should be fair but also alert to the world around that.

2. Leaders should be alert to the new wave of media hunger, and not fall prey to feeding the 24 hours news beast. Perhaps what your doing might not be that bad but the beast is ever hungry.