What is Accountability to the individual, team, business and customer. In part 1 of 'The Accountability Spectrum' Guy Bloom looks at Accountability for leaders through the lens of Living Brave (In part 2 Guy talks through the Accountability Spectrum model)

Delivery by Guy Bloom
Example of delivery to a senior team. Off site in a well chosen setting with a group of people that want to be there. We end up with a great result.

Sound Bite (#3) Resilience from Living Brave
Resilience is a key output from having a strong team, business and individual focus from a purposeful focus of Living Brave

Sound Bite (#2) What is Living Brave
Guy Bloom the creator of Living Brave leadership defines the essence of Living Brave as a ? and !

Sound Bite (#1) Not getting what you want
Living Brave doesn't mean you get what you want, it means that you are Living Brave while whatever happens, happens.

TEDx Living Brave
What does it mean to be Living Brave? What are the component parts that make it real? Leadership developer Guy Bloom talks through how Living Brave can help individuals, families, teams and cultures define themselves as Living Brave

Awards and Judging
Great privilege to judge adn award the Training Journal Best LEadership programme

Podcast (#2) The Accountability Spectrum
Accountability as a leader is paramount, making sure you understand how accountability works, is the first stepping stone to creating a great story and personal or business brand

Podcast (#1) The 6 points of leadership trust
What are the component parts of trust and how do they apply to leaders, teams and business culture? This podcast aims to give a context and working model for Leadership Trust.